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Arts & Remakes from me

When I look at a picture, I always get the feeling that something is missing. I'm the missing thing in the pictures.

Run, run, run...

Patty's new song is out!

And I give a little art for the clip of this song.

Patty Gurdy - RUN

"A spiderweb pulling back each movement that I make
Poor spider, I will burn your home in order to escape.
And when the darkness grows onto my heavily loaded back,
I’ll shake it off my shoulders and I’ll follow my own track.

Run, run, run from the drag and from the treason,
far enough till I reach a warmer season.
Run, run, run, in the long run I’ll recover.
Pull myself out of this, demand no other.

Once and for all I find my way through forests at night,
might 7 years be all i have, for 7 years I’d fight.
When everything behind me has finally disappeared,
my body shall be put to rest, my spirit shall be freed.

A dark year before dawn,
when no one is at hand.
Before the time is gone,
run for your life again."

Keltic fantasy

In my pevious post I said I love folkish musics and traditional instruments.
The truth is I love the whole celtic culture.

I'm reading the Edda what inspired me to draw something like this

The Spae of the Volva

"I know an ash that stands, called Yggdrasil, a tall tree, wet with white dews, dews dripping down into the dales. Ever green it stands over Urth’s well."

The reddest gurdist

I love folkish musics and traditional instruments.
Patty Gurdy is one of the greatest hurdy-gurdy player in my eyes.

I found her music on YT since 2 month ago. In a minute her music changed my mind of folk music in the century. She plays modern songs and folks in 'accoustic' and metal style.

So I'd like to capture her.

I recognized that the red hair is very tricky to paint for me :)

Wacom time!

    Finally I got a Wacom tablet!
During my schoolyears I tried ones or twice some of the wacom tablets in a photo studio.
It is a new possibility for me. I don't have to carry any of breakable pencils and papers.

So my Wacom Intuos S(2018) arrived and I tried to create some arts.
I started to find some easy but beautiful to draw. - Yes I found a Twtter post of Cara Delevinge.

After about an hour of setting my pen, setting PS and sketching I got this:

"Not great, not terrible". Maybe some pactice will help.
But now I want to try the coloring and shadowing. Then the final result is here.

Town in our eyes...

    Yes, this image is the background of this site.
After my first image I've got some more inspiration to "draw" what I'm thinking about.
In my life I had to from city to city. Ther is one city, my first called Pécs. Pécs is "the city" for me.
I moved from Pécs 4 years ago and yes, I miss this town. I miss the chilly afternoonsm the smokes on the balcony, the people.

I found an image on Pexels that reminds me of Pécs.

A little play with colors gives back the feeling of the vibrating nights.

On a starry night...

    This imagage is the very first pic in my life. I've created it from scratch. The inspiration was a background of a song on YouTube and a story-telling game that I'm working on.
The first idea was an image of a hill in the sunset with a couple, but I dropped it couse the result wasn't perfect enough.
After an hour I've put some images and assets to a folder and put that song on.

   This is the final result. Not the best but it is me.

Feel free to your share images with me!